U S S   C O O P E R :   R E T U R N   T O    O R M O C   B A Y   |   FEATURE DOCUMENTARY  |  78:00  |   2006

A BIgFoot Entertainment Production

Roles:  Co-producer | Director | Editor | Writer

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USS Cooper poster
Director Daniel Foster with survivors of the USS Cooper from left: Skip Scibek, Tony Autorino and Hank Wagener.

A daring, world record scuba dive to a sunken wreck – witnessed by a man who nearly perished on that ship sixty-one years ago. Filmed on location in and around Leyte Island, Philippines.

USS Cooper: Return to Ormoc Bay is a documentary about men who travel to dangerous depths to honor the 191 casualties of the USS Cooper which sank on December 3, 1944.

The documentary travels along two story arcs, traversing past and present,  packed with suspense and compelling storytelling.  Hank Wagener was on the USS Cooper when it sank.  He has survived to tell his story and remember those who were lost in Ormoc Bay, Leyte Philippines.  In the present day arc, Hank witnesses diver Rob Lalumiere accomplish a world record 633 foot scuba dive to place a memorial plaque on the wreck to honor those who perished.

Co-produced by Leica Cruz.  Executive producers:  Michael Gleissner, Kacy Andrews, Matt Lubetich.

USS Cooper trailer  |  USS Cooper website

Also, please view Making of a Documentary, by the director.  Excerpts of this work can be viewed in reels.

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