"Daniel Foster is both a gifted artist and a wonderful collaborator whose skill and passion was evident in both his work and his work ethic.
LA Opera

"Daniel was a crucial asset to the LA Opera premiere of Lee Holdridge's 'Concierto Para Mendez.' [Dorothy Chandler Pavilion ]  His projection design complemented the music, and greatly enhanced the audience's experience of the remarkable journey of Rafael Mendez."

- Christopher Koelsch | President and chief executive, LA Opera

roger g smith
"Daniel Foster's improvisational spirit,  technical genius, and collaborative generosity created a dynamically inspiring visual complement to my performance of "The Watts Towers Project."  [Kirk Douglas Theatre]   Rodia's masterwork was lovingly interpreted through poetic, often startling imagery, worthy of its subject.  Bravo Daniel, and thank you."

- Roger Guenveur Smith | Actor, Writer, Director

"Daniel is a truly brilliant video artist and his spirit of collaboration and commitment to his artistic principles were an inspiration to me and the rest of the creative team.
- Foster | Tokyo Tower, 2006
kelley kirkpatrick
"His designs played an integral part of Solomania [Kirk Douglas Theatre] and served as the main visual element for all four solo performances."
- Kelley Kirkpatrick | Associate Producer | Center Theatre Group
roberto milk
novica logo
“Daniel Foster is adept at triggering deep emotions through his masterful
work, delivering viewers to the center of scenes as he directs his subjects

and actors.  He cares deeply about his creations, which is evident in every
frame.  Daniel not only enjoys working in difficult environments in whatever country we’ve sent him to, but he excels and vigorously fuels himself on these challenges.”

- Roberto Milk | CEO | Novica, in association with the National Geographic

“Daniel is a brilliant and talented director.  He created a complex, feature documentary for Bigfoot Entertainment spanning numerous story lines.   [USS Cooper:  Return to Ormoc Bay]   We are very proud to have this showcase in our collection of films.

"Daniel is also an accomplished writer and intuitive editor.   He is adept at weaving together a film that has depth, is entertaining and that has excellent story structure.

Kacy Andrews

"Most of all Daniel is a joy to work with – a great collaborator in every sense of the word.”

- Kacy Andrews | CEO | Bigfoot Entertainment
Dan Guerrero

“Daniel Foster is not only a hugely gifted and creative artist, but a total professional in every way. Working with him is always an exhilarating experience and the final product never fails to surpass my highest and wildest expectations.”  [LA Opera and Center Theatre Group productions]

- Dan Guerrero | Producer

"All of us at Novica thank Daniel for his extraordinary work. Each of his Novica films is stunning, capturing our mission and passion with precision and beauty.

"Novica is accustomed to exceptional talent, representing several thousand of the world's finest master artists.  With that authority, we wish to acknowledge that Daniel Foster’s work is truly brilliant. It captures the essence of world culture in transformational ways.

cathering gallegos

"Having traveled with Daniel to West Africa and to SE Asia numerous times, I’ve concluded that he is simply the best travel and work partner in the world."

- Catherine Gallegos | Editor-in-Chief | Novica, in association with the National Geographic

"Daniel Foster’s creations deepen the works of performing artists -- he designs a visual feast that illuminates the text while not overpowering it.”

- Diane Rodriguez | Director of New Play Production Center Theatre Group

Diane Rodriguez
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