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I can say with vigor that working with Daniel is an ongoing pleasure.

His wit and post production savvy added elements to the final content that made our pieces sing.  His sharp business acumen throughout the process is one I've found to be rare among creatives.  And his presence during filming is both unobtrusive and calming.  He has a brilliant ability to anticipate creative logistical hazards before they become problems.

- Nancy Wolfson | Voice Over Coach | Braintracks Audio


Foster is a true artist and consummate professional.  We hired him to shoot our 3-day seminar and build a 3-minute sizzle reel.  Brilliant!  He captured Joel’s essence and dynamism and made it look really hot!

He meticulously prepped before the shoot, was practically invisible during it, was financially conscientious and responsible, and was a joy during post-production.  I highly recommend him to anyone.

- Joel D. Roberts & Associates


With just two weeks notice, Foster was able to shoot, edit and deliver a video that far exceeded our highest expectations - and he did it on budget.    More than just a creative visionary, he is a perfectionist who overlooked no detail and used his talents to improve on our original concept.  

It’s a joy to work with him – no matter how challenging the task, Foster never gets flustered.

- Jim Key, Chief Public Affairs Officer
   L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center


Daniel Foster's improvisational spirit,  technical genius, and collaborative generosity created a dynamically inspiring visual complement to my performance of "The Watts Towers Project."  [Kirk Douglas Theatre | 2006]   Rodia's masterwork was lovingly interpreted through poetic, often startling imagery, worthy of its subject.  Bravo Daniel, and thank you.
- Roger Guenveur Smith | Actor, Writer, Director