W A T T S   T O W E R S   P R O J E C T

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Center Theatre Group | Kirk Douglas Theatre | 2006 | 70-minute backdrop film

The Walker Art Center | The Hammer Museum | 2010

The Watts Tower Project design was housed in two rear projection light boxes filled with photographs that slowly shifted  - objects appeared and disappeared over nine minute intervals.  The effect produced nearly imperceptible alterations in the images, allowing the audience to absorb both performer and the film.   Photographs were shot by Foster at the Watts Towers.  

Written and performed by Roger Guenveur Smith who detailed his life and connection with the Towers in this one person show.

A Walker Art center blog about how I came to photograph the Towers.

“One of the most original theatrical experiences of the season.”

- Los Angeles Times review

Excerpts of this work can be viewed here.

Tower - stage photo     Towers - Ladder of Hearts   


- model stand-in for Roger Guenveur Smith

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